BumbleBee uses the best British cider apples to bring you deliciously appley and refreshing cider.  

And why BumbleBee?
Through education, donation and fundraising, this is our lasting tribute to the little guys that go out in their tireless efforts to pollinate next year’s apple blossom.

You go little furry dudes!


Which BumbleBee Cider is going to get you buzzing?


BumbleBee Hard Cider

4.5% Medium-dry, lightly sparkling. Robust and complex tannic structure, rolling from sweet to dry with a sun-baked West Country aroma. Refreshingly moreish. A reap crowd pleaser and winner of 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards.


File 01-06-2017, 07 46 29.jpeg

BumbleBee Regatta

4% Medium. lightly sparkling. Our classic cider twisted with strawberry and a hint of garden mint. Think Pimm’s driving a tractor! For a refreshing treat serve with some chopped fruit over ice….and maybe a shot of gin.


BumbleBee Dab21

5.5% Medium-dry, cloudy, still. We use 21% single variety Dabinett apple juice to give this lovable rogue the perfect amount of zing. that extra little bit of poke make it a firm favourite of the BumbleBee lads.


BumbleBee Gribble

4.8% Medium, cloudy still. A gribble is an apple pip that manages to survive the milling process and germinates. This smooth festival chugger is designed to last the distance but still be complex enough to remain interesting.